About me

Modern & Creative Idealist

Hey, there! I'm Peter, a cat dad, life coach, and UX Designer from the Chicagoland area. I thrive on creating simple solutions to complex problems, while always maintaining a human-centered focus. I used to solve problems such as creating scrappy shelters in the wilderness, or sparking fires with kindling and elbow grease (thanks Boy Scouts); now my creative solutions are geared towards ensuring intuitive and accessible user experiences, and educating teams on the cross-departmental advantages of human-centered design.When I'm not creating in Figma or face down in a Nielson Norman book, you can find me winning table-top board games, whisking away at some blueberry pancake batter, or playing hide and seek with the cats.

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My Mission

To optimize the experiences of users by focusing on creating usable, accessible, joy-bringing digital journeys to life.

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My Philosophy

Users value products that value users.

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My Values

Designing for humans means designing with respect, support, empathy, and their best interests at the forefront.

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Who am I

Why Me

A new mind at the forefront of design and accessibility. Looking for user focused designs for a user focused world.


Digital Crafts

I help forward thinking clients succeed in digital culture

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